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Stevenson Brothers Rocking Horses

Valegro: The Making Of from Stevenson Brothers on Vimeo.

At Stevenson Brothers Rocking Horses, we have been hand-crafting rocking horses for over 30 years. The current range includes both new and limited edition pieces as well as miniatures, antique and restored horses. Each rocking horse is created to order and can be built to your exact wishes, perhaps in tribute to your own family horse. Choose the wood, finish, leather, tack, blanket, hair and more to create your dream rocking horse.

Our most popular rocking horses include classics such as the Dapple Grey (a favourite of Queen Victoria) and the Antiqued Oak. Limited edition pieces such as the rocking zebra (image above courtesy of Nicki Macfarlane) and Tinkerbell rocking horse as presented to Her Majesty The Queen are also popular and have become coveted collectible items. These are now all available to buy online in our rocking horse shop.

Create your Dream Rocking Horse

We can create a bespoke rocking horse for you which will become a unique treasure for your family for generations to come. Alternatively, you can use our interactive tool to design your own and order online.

Choose the size, finish, leather, blanket colour, trim colour, embroidery and even more to completely customise the look of your rocking horse. You can even send us your own materials to incorporate into the piece. 'Design your own' prices start from just £1,950 +vat. Contact us to design your own rocking horse.

If you have a rocking horse in need of some TLC, take a look at our rocking horse hospital which offers expert rocking horse restoration and repair to all models, new and old. As well as our rocking horse collections, you will also find a number of other handmade wooden products such as planters and see-saws, available for sale on this website. As a traditional rocking horse maker, we take great pride in our work and guarantee that every piece is handmade by an expert craftsperson. Find out more about Stevenson Brothers in our ‘About Us’ section, visit our social media pages (see links below) or browse our collection of rocking horses in the online shop.