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Limited Edition Rocking Horses

Prices Upon Application

During our 40 year history, we have created a number of extraordinary rocking horses. From replicas of world-champion dressage horses and artist collaborations to celebratory pieces for The Late Queen Elizabeth's Golden, Diamond and Platinum Jubilees. 

You will find a selection of these special edition rocking horses on this page and we would be delighted to speak with you about purchasing one of these highly coveted pieces. 

Limited Editions: Features

The Vivienne Westwood Rocking Horse

This one of a kind rocking horse was created with the late Dame Vivienne Westwood to raise funds for children's charity, Starlight, in 2009. 

The Vivienne Westwood hand-painted rocking horse with safety pins on the saddle cloth, was the star of the show. The horse was created in partnership with Stevenson Brothers at our Ashford workshop and Vivienne designed her as a 'Punk Rocker'. 


This incredible piece of art is being auctioned for the first time in more than a decade - please contact to place your bid. 

Vivienne Westwood The Punk Rocker 2.jpg

The Platinum Jubilee Rocking Horse

The Platinum Jubilee rocking horse was the last horse we were able to present to The Late Queen Elizabeth II in celebration of her 70 year reign. Based on Barbershop, the last racehose bred by the late Queen Mother, the Platinum Jubilee rocking horse is mounted on a coach spring and tacked in black leather. The horse is fitted with a beautifully embroidered saddle cloth bearing the Elizabeth II Regina Royal cypher and the oak base is fitted with a plaque bearing its unique number and date. 


The Diamond Jubilee Rocking Horse

Sir Winston Churchill served in the 4th Hussars in the Abyssinia campaign in 1915.


For The Late Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, we wanted to honour that story and highlight the lifelong friendship that these two incredible leaders shared. 


The Golden Jubilee Rocking Horse

To celebrate The Late Queen Elizabeth’s 50th year on the throne and our 5000th horse we designed a very special rocking horse. This Golden Jubilee Rocking Horse was presented to Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle on 16th May 2002 by Stevenson Brothers.

2002 QUEEN for printing.jpg


Tinkerbell, as presented to The Late Queen Elizabeth II on 12th May 2005. Tinkerbell is a rocking horse replica of The Queen’s favourite coloured horse, (which, incidentally produced Tiger Lilly and Peter Pan).


The Magna Carta Horse

To commemorate the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta, this limited edition rocking horse was designed to look like King John's own horse. This stunning rocking horse was based on the only known portrait of the monarch riding.



Presented to The Late Queen Elizabeth II in celebration of her 90th birthday; this black oak rocking horse is based on the real horse gifted to her by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


Raising funds for St Margaret's Church Bell & Frame Restoration Fund

The wooden frame supporting the bells in our local church, St Margaret’s Church in Bethersden, has fallen victim to wood rot and insect infestation. It needs to be completely replaced so that the bells can continue to ring out across the parish and be enjoyed by future generations. 

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Grey

Inspired by The Charge of the Light Brigade, the first horse in this limited edition of only 20 pieces was commissioned by Michael Mockridge MBE to raise funds for the Royal Scots Dragoon's charity 'Caring for Courage.'

Bethersden Belle.jpg
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