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Pretty In Pink

With the live action Barbie movie being such an epic success, it got us thinking… if Barbie had a rocking horse, what would it look like?

Perhaps it could transform from a rocking horse to a rocking unicorn with a detachable soft horn. Surely it would be pink with some sparkle. Blonde hair, of course, and monogrammed too. Also, a secret locking compartment for storing all her treasures would be a must.

So, this is what we’ve designed. We think this would look fabulous in Barbie’s Malibu dream house.

Here are a selection of comments from our fabulous social media followers:

"Now THAT is pretty clever. Emphasis on the pretty!"

"My daughter would absolutely love this. She is allergic to horses so a rocking horse is her only option"

"I am definitely not a Barbie Girl. I will stick with my Bob, rock on!"

"This is awesome!"

"A little rider will love this rocking horse"

"Pinkest Perfection"

"This is my dream!"

"Oh my goodness, this is the most beautiful sight!"

"Where is Ken's rocking horse? We think he needs one too"

"Amazing visual!"

"Bet you had fun creating this!"

"It would need high heeled hooves"

"Our 4 granddaughters would love this when they visit Granny & Grandad"

"I love the concept and it's rather aesthetically appealing, so unique and beautiful"

While most of our fans loved this, some suggested that Barbie might have a palomino horse (as pictured below) like she had in some of the cartoon feature films as well as in the 80s as a physical toy. Some also recalled Barbie having a Dark Bay horse from the 70s... what would your Barbie dream horse look like?

(Just to be clear, this is just for fun, it is not an official partnership with Mattel and not a real rocking horse. It’s just a visualisation - we're joining in with the fun of Barbie mania that is sweeping the world at the moment!)

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