Win a Limited Edition Rocking Zebra
Posted on 06/09/2012
This exquisite, handmade piece features exceptional details and is made from the highest quality materials. Handmade by skilled craftspeople at the workshop in Kent, a rocking zebra will be raffled to
Madcop Andy Seery riding his trusty steed at Cheltenham
Posted on 06/09/2012
Andy Seery and Marc Stevenson introduced Andy's rocking horse to the crowds at Cheltenham this morning. This trusty stead is going to carry him from Coldstream, Scotland to Poland to raise money for t
Bronze Rocking Horse Unveiled on Fourth Plinth
Posted on 06/09/2012
A bronze sculpture of a boy on a rocking horse has been unveiled on the famous Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square. Designed by two Scandinavian artists, the 4.1m high sculpture was funded by the Mayor
Mad Cop Rides Across Europe on a Rocking Horse
Posted on 06/09/2012
In his 3rd annual charity challenge, Mad Cop Andy Seery is living up to his title by attempting to travel across Europe on a Stevenson Brothers rocking horse.
Country Life Magazine December 2011
Posted on 03/09/2012
Stevenson Brothers are delighted to have been featured in the Christmas edition of Country Life magazine. The Christmas double issue features four pages of Stevenson Brothers rocking horses in additio