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A Fitting Tribute

The lovely Lyn Apps was given a surprise tour of Stevenson Brothers Rocking Horses as a Christmas present by her daughter Claire. The pair visited our showroom and workshop in Bethersden early this year and completely fell in love with the horses.

A few weeks later Lyn returned with her husband George. He had been unwell but despite this, jumped up on a horse and took a ride alongside Lyn.

Lyn ordered a rocking horse for herself while George, a builder, proudly showed us photographs of his building works at nearby Doddington Place & Gardens. He was particularly proud of the Folly there and clearly passionate about his work.

Sadly George passed away soon after his visit to our showroom. His family used the photo of him rocking next to Lyn on the back page of his funeral service card. You can see the joy so clearly in both of their faces.

Following the memorial, their son Martin secretly requested that we carve GEORGE onto the runner of Lyn’s rocking horse.

We all surprised Lyn last week by unveiling her rocking horse in front of George’s much loved Folly in the beautiful Doddington Place. She was completely delighted with her fabulous rocking horse and presenting it to her in such a special place just added to the occasion.

We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Head Gardener Lucy as well as Adam and House Manager David (both pictured here with their dogs Moss & Jock). Also a huge thank you to Richard Oldfield, owner of Doddington Place & Gardens as well as to Countrywide Pics for the wonderful photographs - rock on everyone.

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