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This beautiful rocking horse was presented to The Late Queen Elizabeth II in celebration of her 90th birthday. The presentation of this limited edition horse took place in the yard at Windsor Castle on the day of The Queen's 90th birthday and was also attended by The Late Duke of Edinburgh. 


This rocking horse is based on the real Hanovarian horse, St John, as gifted to the monarch by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and pictured in the photos below.

This large, limited edition rocking horse in black oak features a secret bottom drawer inlaid with a maple leaf and a leaf shaped bottle of maple syrup. 

Queen Elizabeth II, on a separate occasion, then presented the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with their own version of this rocking horse. It was gifted to them in front of Windsor Castle, as pictured below, as a thank you for their gift of the real horse. The Queen declared that it be "for all the children of Canada" and is now housed  in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Museum in Ottawa.

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