Commissioned by Highgrove, this reproduction of the classic FH Ayres rocking horse is based on the same rocking horse which King Charles III played on as a child. This horse has been affectionately named ‘Winston’ in memory of his Grandfather’s - King George VI’s - favourite horse. 

Handmade by Stevenson Brothers and photographed at Clarence House to celebrate our 35th anniversary, this is a very special piece indeed. 

Stevenson Brothers are the only company licenced to reproduce the traditional FH Ayres shaped rocking horse which, in this case, is hand-carved from Tulipwood. ‘Winston’ is finished with hand-painted features, matched to the same dapple-grey pattern  on the original rocking horse on which he was based. His flowing mane and tail are made from real horse hair, while his tack, which includes a removeable bridle and saddle, is made from the finest hand-stitched English leather. 

Mounted on an oak and pine safety stand, the left runner has been carved with the distinctive Highgrove name and finished with a brass makers plate, which has been numbered and dated. 

A personal touch has been added to the woollen numnah, which has been made in King Charles' racing colours and finished with the Highgrove crest, hand embroidered in delicate gold and silk threads. An extra surprise will be found within a secret locking compartment, perfect for safely storing treasured childhood keepsakes.

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