Being twins ourselves, we designed the twins horse with the knowledge of the importance that twins play together. With the twins rocking horse they can be in the same race side by side, no one wins no one loses... Each twin has their own horse, and as they grow older and eventually move apart to start a family of their own they can take their horse with them.

The stand is designed with a special joint that allows the other half to be separated while showing that there is a twin out there somewhere. Each horse has a unique sequential number and is dated. The customer that ordered this first twin rocking horse set ordered both horses to be made in Dapple and on spring stands, however we do make the twins rocking horse with any combination of horse as long as they are the same size. The heads can be turned to look at each other or facing straight ahead.

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Please note: pricing here is based on the tulip horsePlease contact us for prices of any other combination or finish.