The once mythical steed is now a reality for wonderfully creative play and would make a magical addition to any home. Our beautiful new rocking unicorn for 2016 is finished in white pearlescent paint with silver details and mounted on a white painted oak base. The unicorn features a detachable horn, distressed silver leather saddle and light grey tack with mysterious dark eyes and a grey-blue blanket. Personalise your rocking unicorn with a secret locking compartment full of your own treasures and add a plaque to the base.

The first rocking unicorn produced by Stevenson Brothers Rocking Horses was designed with Dame Judi Dench for a charity auction in 2013. Since then, the rocking unicorn has become a popular choice with many clients choosing neutral shades and colours and metallic details similar to this first unicorn. The rocking unicorn can be completely customised to your wishes. Pictured above is the original rocking unicorn designed with Dame Judi Dench, which features gold and silver painted flecks on a white base with silver-grey tack plus silver and nickel metal work, as well as the new design for 2016 with more distinctive silver details and a blue-grey blanket.

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