Stevenson Brothers the rocking horse makers launched their brand in 1982 and ten years later Mr Marcus Fountaine, then a two year old, (now a little older, last photo left!)  was given a Stevenson Brothers rocking horse commissioned by his Grandmother. 

After thirty eight years of designing and making rocking horses for discerning families around the world we are very proud to launch the Fairfax & Favor unique collectors rocking horse.

Made in Tulip wood, mounted on an English Oak safety stand with Nickel fittings and tacked in English leather matching the famous Regina Boot, Navy woollen Numnah hand embroidered in gold, silver and silk threads with the iconic Fairfax & Favor Logo.

The left runner features their unique shield, carved and hand painted. There is a secret locking compartment hidden under the tummy for other little treasures.
the large horse at four foot high can be ridden by children and adults alike, giving many years of pleasure whilst teaching youngsters their early Equestrian skills.

For further information please call 01233 820363, complete the enquiry form below or email for details.