Since the succesful design and sale at auction of the unique Toytown rocking horse, we have been asked to make a further 10 horses and have Zara Phillip's permission to do so. This design is based on the original rocking horse, although it is not fitted with the original tail hair, browband or shoes from Toytown.

It is however a highly collectible rocking horse being a small edition and rightly joining the Royal Rocking Horse Collection. Made in Chestnut from Windsor Great Park, fitted with a silver plaque and miniature dressage saddle. His unique white spots have been faithfully reproduced too.

For further information please call 01233 820363, complete the enquiry form below or email for details.

Please note: many people ask us why there are white marks on the body of this rocking horse; it has been made to be a true replica of Zara's own horse, Toytown, and therefore features all of the horse's markings.