Sir Winston Churchill was in the 4th Hussars in the Abyssinia campaign in 1915. Made in English oak with a suprise secret compartment in the rear of the horse containing 9 mounted photographs of Her Majesty The Queen wrapped in a leather pouch.

The special Military saddle and tack is based on that of the 4th Hussars complete with bedroll. The Shabraq is beautifully hand embroidered with the regimental crest and edged in gold and the EiiR cypher. The runners are inlaid with a pair of Churchill crowns given to Marc and Tony by their Uncle James Bosworthick, who taught them to make horses in 1982. Mounted in the base are 3 miniature lead figures of Winston Churchill and a solid silver numbered plaque. A Limited Edition of 60.

The Churchills Charger Rocking Horse from Stevenson Brothers on Vimeo.

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