Sue sent us the below email and these photos upon receiving her steel grey rocking horse Motown at her home in Detriot - rock on Motown!

"To the team at Stevenson Brothers, Motown arrived safely at my house today, and the delivery man even put the crate in my front foyer, so I didn't need to call the neighbors for assistance after all :)  With the help of my electric drill, I was able to quickly take out all the screws from the crate to remove the horse.  The engineer in me was absolutely fascinated with the packaging of the horse in the crate - it certainly gets the job done, as there was not a single scratch or ding on the horse considering the trans Atlantic journey he made to Michigan.

I want to thank everyone at Stevenson Bros for making my dream horse for me! What a wonderful business you have, to be able to bring such joy to people via wooden horses. I just love Motown, he is perfect--just the right size, exactly what I wanted, and absolutely beautiful. I especially love his white mane and tail - I think that is the best color combination for the steel grey horse.

Here are some photos of Motown, rocking out in the music room at my house in the metro Detroit area. I chose the name Motown for him, since like Detroit, he has a lot of horsepower and he rocks!! He makes me smile everytime I see him. I purchased him mainly as an art object to admire, and his job is basically to sit there and look good, which he does very well. Thank you again to everyone at Stevenson Brothers for the beautiful work that you do. Your horses are truly the world's best!!

I love him so much that I'm going to have to start saving for another horse, I might even try for a larger one if I can decide which piece of furniture to throw out to make room for another one in my house.  Stay tuned, I will let you know . . ."