It's always wonderful to receive such wonderful letters and photos from our rocking horse clients. Thank you to Jennifer and Colin in Manchester for sending us this fantastic photo and letter after taking delivery of their rocking horse, Moonlight, last month - rock on!

“Good morning once again, Marc, I know that you have been very busy since my last email. Well, I can tell you that we are still gazing at our beautiful rocking horse, and are more in love with him each day!

It's hard to imagine that only a month has passed since you and Trevor delivered him (we feel as though we have had him forever!)

I am writing to tell you that finally, after a little delay which couldn't be avoided, our granddaughter, Madeleine, has met Moonlight, and needless to say, she now loves him just as much as we do.

Before she left us, he was duly kissed and cuddled, stirrups run up, and his beautiful horse rug put over him to keep him cosy until her return (Thank you again, a million times, for the beautiful rug!!) 

It was rather difficult to photograph the two of them as they cantered and trotted to who knows where, but we did manage to capture a few images. So, as promised, I am sending a photo. With very best wishes and our warmest thanks to you and the Stevenson team, Jennifer & Colin Livsey (and Madeleine!)"