Thank you to Jane who we at Olympia. We loved hearing her rocking horse story and hope you enjoy it too. Welcome to the Owners' Club Jane!


"I rode a friend of the family’s rocking horse during my childhood for many years spending hour upon hour living in the fantasy rocking horse world where you win everything!  About thirty years later heavily pregnant with my second child and just having had a legacy left to me after the death of my Grandmother, I saw a wonderful black Stevenson horse in CoCo de Mer in Covent Garden, London and knew where my legacy would be going.  After the birth of my baby girl, we visited the showroom and put down a deposit.  Almost three long years later we had finished renovating our house and had a room to put her in, she arrived, we named her Nancy after my Grandmother.  There is not a day goes by when either one of my children or I ride on her. Attached is a photo of my daughter Katie aged 7." - Jane Reynolds