Ayres dapple grey
The horses by the famous FH Ayres company are highly collectible and we have been given permission by the Ayres family to re-produce their design. This particular horse was recently featured in an art
Chestnut Horse
The beautiful grain of English Chestnut, grown in Windsor Great Park, is enhanced by hours of hand polishing to produce this highly prized rocking horse. The first of which was commissioned by Lieuten
Dapple Grey 30th Anniversary
The favourite horse of Victorian nurseries, carved in Tulip wood to our original family templates, fitted with Royal Blue blanket beautifully hand embroidered in silver thread with our distinctive log
Antiqued Oak Rocking Horse
The Antiqued Oak rocking horse is one of the most popular we make. Especially in its Extra Large size. This horse was made to look like a favourite old horse well known on the racing circuit, Kelly's
Oak Dappled Rocking Horse
Painting directly onto the oak allows the grain to show through creating a texture that looks and feels like a horse's coat. This Dappled Oak Rocking Horse looks stunning and, like all our new rocking
Dark Waxed Oak Rocking Horse
Our very popular bees waxed dark oak rocking horse develops a lovely aged patina over many years of use. Dark points are added to the ears, face and hooves. Tacked here in dark Havanna leather with re
Light Waxed Oak Rocking Horse
The light waxed oak rocking horse has been polished with natural bees wax to create a hard wearing finish.
Mid-Brown Oak Rocking Horse
"Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow" English Oak has great natural beauty, especially when quarter-sawn and showing off the medullary rays in their distinctive pattern. This mid-brown oak rocking horse
Steel Grey Dapple Rocking Horse
The Steel Grey dapple rocking horse is based on a real dapple grey dressage horse with longer saddle flaps and knee rolls. Made from oak with the grain showing through the paint work makes it look lik
Extra Large Dark Wax Oak Rocking Horse on Spring
This is an Extra Large Oak rocking horse on a carriage spring which extends the rock to give a bounce and swing at the same time. This large oak rocking horse can take the weight of two adults!
The Arab Horse
The Arab rocking horse is made in ebonised walnut, here seen with the Saudi Arabian Emblem on the saddle cloth stitched in Gold and the plaque engraved in Arabic.
Cowboy Rocking Horse
When Terry and Caroline Webster found out they were to be grandparents, they knew exactly what they wanted and where to find it... The Range Rider Cowboy Rocking Horse is now being ridden by Horatio,
Twins Rocking Horse
Being twins ourselves, we designed the twins horse with the knowledge of the importance that twins play together. With the twins rocking horse they can be in the same race side by side, no one wins no
Walnut Rocking Horse
We have been making our Black American Walnut rocking horse for over 25 years and its popularity continues today. Chosen for the beautiful grain and dark rich colour. Available with a variety of leath