Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro

Valegro: The Making Of from Stevenson Brothers on Vimeo.

Olympic champion Charlotte Dujardin CBE has accomplished so much with the fabulous Valegro. The pair are the most successful British dressage duo in history and hold three Olympic gold medals and an Olympic silver medal in addition to Olympic and world records.

Charlotte's fiance Dean Golding wanted to create something truly special to celebrate Valegro's retirement late last year. He commissioned us to design a rocking version of Valegro that Charlotte could keep in their home forever and ride every day, it would serve also as a lasting reminder of the role that this magnificent horse has played in both of their lives.

We were excited by the challenge of producing a rocking replica of one of the most famous horses in the world and set to work. With help from Valegro's owners and head groom, Charlotte's team, Valegro's photographer and many more, we meticulously copied every detail of his markings. The tack was painstakingly handmade in Italy by Equipe, the makers of Charlotte's real saddles. We even sent a rocking horse to Italy so they could ensure it would be a perfect fit. The Olympic saddle cloth was made by Robert Lemieux of Horse Health who applied the same attention to detail to this miniature saddle cloth as they do the real thing. All of this was done in secret to ensure that the rocking Valegro remained a surprise for Charlotte when the time was right.

Valegro marked his retirement from competition at Olympia's International Horse Show in December 2016 with a faultless performance and an emotional farewell ceremony. Following the ceremony, Dean accompanied Charlotte to the Stevenson Brothers stand at Olympia where she was presented with her very own rocking Valegro in front of the crowd that had gathered. Watch the video below to find out more and see Charlotte's reaction to this incredible gift.

You can now purchase your very own rocking Valegro and ride this Olympic gold-winning dressage horse every day in the comfort of your own home, click here to find out more.


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