Miniature steel grey rocking horse arrived safely in the USA
Posted on 25/03/2013
This beautiful miniature steel grey arrived with a broken bow in the US. The horse was returned to England for a new bow to be made. Thankfully the second attempt to ship it was successful and it no
BBC Radio 5 Live
Posted on 14/03/2013
Kate interviewing Marc Stevenson live this afternoon at the Cheltenham Festival. Kate learnt to ride on a rocking horse at 2 when she was in Southmeads hospital, Bristol.
Ladies Day at Cheltenham 2013
Posted on 14/03/2013
Yesterday was ladies day at the Cheltenham Festival and a great time was had by all.
Off to Cheltenham 2013
Posted on 11/03/2013
Today, we are heading off to exhibit at the Cheltenham Festival, which starts tomorrow. We are all really hoping that we see some sunshine. Although it's looking doubtful - staring out of the window a
2012 Show Horses for Sale
Posted on 08/03/2013
A number of our show horses from 2012 are now being offered for sale.