Nicky Clarke and Kelly Simpkin's Rocking Horse
Posted on 18/10/2013
This unique and stunning rocking horse was created with Nicky Clarke and Kelly Simpkin, arguably the world's most famous hairdressing duo.
Julien Macdonald and Melissa Obadash Rocking Horse
Posted on 16/10/2013
This eye-catching green rocking zebra is another fantastic, one-of-a-kind creation, this time designed by leading designers Julien Macdonald and Melissa Obadash.
Vantage Magazine
Posted on 16/10/2013
Great to see Kelly Hoppen MBE and her beautiful rocking horse featured in Vantage Magazine.
A Rocking Good Way to Spend It
Posted on 16/10/2013
It was fantastic to see the Stars Rocking horses featured in the Financial Times How to Spend It Guide this week. The article included photos of the rocking unicorn by Dame Judi Dench and the green ro
A Piece of Beauty with Kelly Hoppen
Posted on 11/10/2013
Designer Kelly Hoppen has worked with us on this simply divine rocking horse, which will be auctioned next month to raise funds for the aids charity CHIVA Africa.