Diamond Jubilee Rocking Horse Presented to HM The Queen


11th May 2012

Yesterday was a memorable day for us all, despite the rain. We had the pleasure of presenting a Diamond Jubilee rocking horse to Her Majesty the Queen. This is an oak rocking horse in full military tack with miniature models of Churchill in the base and a sliding compartment in the rump of the horse.

Inside the compartment there are a selection of mounted photographs, in a parchment envelope, of the Queen, her family and Churchill. After the presentation we had the honour of being guests of the Queen at a small tea party. Our thanks go to Terry Pendry, her Majesty's Stud Groom, for all his help and advice.

More photos of the Diamond Jubilee rocking horse and our meeting with Her Majesty The Queen can be found on our Facebook page or you can browse our gallery of Royal rocking horse images.