Limited Edition Beauty to Celebrate the Year of the Horse


In 2014, the Chinese New Year celebrates the year of the horse and the wood element. When could be a better time to invite a rocking horse into your home and family for generations to come.

At Stevenson Brothers we have created 60 limited edition pieces to celebrate this special Chinese New Year and thought we would share some interesting facts about this year with you.

The year 2014 is called the Green Horse Year or Wooden Horse Year within the Chinese Lunar calendar. This is due to a Stem-Branch within the lunar system as wood is connected to tree or green within the five elements of the zodiac. Horses are considered to be one of the favourite animals of the Chinese and are considered a symbol of travelling, competition and most of all victory.

These beautiful rocking horses have been carved by hand using the finest chestnut wood and dressed with a stunning red and gold blanket to incorporate the lucky colours traditionally associated with Chinese New Year celebrations. The blanket is hand stitched with gold embroidery and completed with red leatherwork for a magnificent finish.

This limed edition piece is also mounted on springs which creates a very characteristic look and also an enhanced ride. Additionally, each horse also has a secret compartment for precious memories, keepsakes and little treasures to be stored.   

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